• Statue of ENHWA

Statute of Nonprofitable Association Estonian Neighbourhood Watch

Statute of Nonprofitable Association Estonian Neighbourhood Watch is confirmed by Founding Agreement concluded on May 5th 2000 and changed by decision of General Meeting on May 14th 2002.

1.    General terms:
1.1. The name of Nonprofitable Association is Eesti Naabrivalve (hereafter Association), in English: Estonian Neighbourhood Watch.
1.2. Association is legal person of private law. Association has its own seal, symbolics and bank account(s).    
1.3. Association is situated in Republic of Estonia, Tallinn.
1.4. Association acts according to Nonprofitable Associations Act. Association uses its income only for achieving of statute goals and does not divide its profit between its members.
1.5. The goals of Association are:
1.5.1.    safe living environment;
1.5.2.    prevention of crime through actions of public;
1.5.3.    increase security at homes and in association altogether;
1.5.4.    represent public interest in assuring of safety.
1.6. To achieve Association’s goals, it:
1.6.1.    introduces principles of neighborhood watch;
1.6.2.    facilitates evolving of neighborhood watch districts and their effective activity;
1.6.3.    publishes print-outs and carries out trainings;
1.6.4.    develops cooperation with state institutions, local governments and other non-profit associations.
1.7. Economic year of Association starts on 1st of January and ends on December 31st.

2.    Property of Association
2.1. Property of association are things and money that belongs to it.
2.2. Financial recources of Association are acquired from admission and membership fees of its members, from profit received from enterprises organized for realizing of Statute goals, donations and other accrual.
2.3. Association is responsible for its obligations with all its property.

3.    Members of Association
3.1. Any natural or legal person whose activity fosters reaching Association’s goals through protection of people’s posessions and raising of general safety of environment, may request membership in Association. To become member of Association one must present application to the Board of Association.
3.2. Association has members and honorary members.
3.3. Board decides admission to membership in Association on its next meeting from the date of presenting of application.
3.3.1.    Legal person must add a copy of registered Statute to the application.
3.4. If Board rejects to admit an applicant to the membership of Association, aplicant can turn to General Meeting. In case of rejection by the Board the applicant is notified in writing of the Board’s decision and reasons for rejection within 5 days from the day of making the decision. Admission to Association is conclusively decided by the General Meeting by simple majority of the present.
3.5. When admitted into membership, legal person must name its representative to General Meeting.
3.6. When admitted into membership, new member is obliged to pay membership fee of current year and give signature on having read the Statute. Member is obliged to pay yearly membership fee till deadline set by General Meeting.
3.7. Size of membership fee is set every year by General Meeting.
3.8. Member of Association has right to step out of Association on basis of application.
3.9. Board must satisfy member’s application of stepping out within 2 months. Member of Association is considered stepped out from Association starting from day of respective Board decision.
3.10. Member of Association can be barred from Association by Board decision in following cases:
3.10.1.    if he has not payed membership fee by end of economic year;
3.10.2.    if with his actions he harms image and interests of Association;
3.10.3.    has not participated in any General Meetings of Association for three consecutive years.
3.11. Board must inform of its motion to bar the member within 5 days, stating the reason for barring. Member, for whom such decision is made, may gainsay this matter and turn to General Meeting. Conclusive decision of barring from Association is made by General Meeting with simple majority of the present.
3.12. Honorary member of Association is elected a person, who has eminent merits in making association more safe. Honorary member is elected by General Meeting. Honorary member has right to participate in General meetings with a vote. Honorary member is relieved from paying membership fee.
3.13. Board holds register of members, where member’s data is written.

4.    Rights and obligations of members
4.1. Rights and obligations of members appear from the day of admission to membership.
4.2. Member has the right to:
4.2.1.    participate in General Meeting with a vote;
4.2.2.    elect and be elected into Board or Revision Commission of Association;
4.2.3.    receive information about Association’s activity and to demand corresponding report from the Board;
4.2.4.    nominate the honorary member candidate;
4.2.5.    participate in undertakings of Association and initiate discussions on different issues and actions;
4.2.6.    step out of Association;
4.2.7.    represent Association upon written mandate of Board.
4.3. Member of Association is obliged to:
4.3.1.    follow obligations derriving from Statute and decisions of General Meeting and Board;
4.3.2.    give Board necessary information for members records and inform of changes within one month from their occurrence;
4.3.3.    pay yearly membership fee;
4.3.4.    pay yearly membership fee even if his membership expires in the middle of year.

5.    General Meeting
5.1. Highest managing body of Association is General Meeting.
5.2. Competence of General Meeting includes:
5.2.1.    changing Statute of Association;
5.2.2.    changing of goal of Association;
5.2.3.    electing of Board of Association;
5.2.4.    electing of Revision Commission;
5.2.5.    electing of honorary members.

5.3. Summoning of General Meeting should be notified at least 14 days before General Meeting takes place. Time and place of General Meeting and agenda must be stated in summons.
5.4. Board summons General Meeting at least once a year.
5.5. Board may summon extraordinary General Meeting in following cases:
5.5.1.    on its own initiative, if it is demanded by the interests of Association;
5.5.2.    if demanded by at least 1/10 of members of Association;
5.5.3.    if demanded by Revision Commission.
5.6. General Meeting can adopt decisions, if all demands deriving from laws and present Statute have been followed while summoning the General Meeting. Decision of General Meeting is passed, if voted for by more than half of present participants. Changing of Statute of Association demands favor of at least 2/3 of members participating in General Meeting, changing of goal demands approval of all members of Association. To pass the decision of General Meeting concerning merger, division or termination of Association, 4/5 of members must vote for it.
5.7. General Meeting elects Revision Commission, task of which is:
5.7.1.    supervise accordance of Boards activity to the Statute;
5.7.2.    supervise accordance of Association’s activity to the Statute and at least once a year revises financial-economic management of Association notifying Board and General Meeting of results of revision;
5.8. Members of Association have one vote in adopting decisions of General Meeting. Member may execute their right to vote personally or through representative, which has written authorization. Member of Association can only be represented by other member of Association.
5.9. Minutes are taken of General Meeting, which is signed by Chairman and minutes taker.

6.    Board
6.1. Board is a permanent managing organ of Association. Board responds to general Meeting of Association.
6.2. Board consists of one to five members and cast of Board is appointed by decision of General Meeting for three years.
6.3. Member of Board must have natural person with capacity to act and place of living of at least half of memebrs of Board must be Estonia.
6.4. Board elects chairman, who must be citizen of Republic of Estonia. If Board has only one member, he performs obligations of chairman. Board plans activities and development of Association and all members of Board have right to represent Association in legal procedures.
6.5. Competence of Board includes:
6.5.1.    admission to and barring from membership of Association;
6.5.2.    keeping of register of Association members;
6.5.3.    organizing Association’s accounting in accordance with Accounting Act;
6.5.4.    hiring and firing of workers for Association;
6.5.5.    compiling of accounting statement and actions statement and presenting them to Genereal Meeting;
6.5.6.    deciding other questions.
6.6. Meetings of Board take place regularly at least four times a year.
6.7. Board adopts decisions by simple majority of the present members’ votes. Board may adopt decisions without convocation. In this case decision is adopted if 2/3 of members of Board vote in writing for it.
6.8. After the end of economic year Board compiles year report in order prescribed by law and presents it to Revision Commission and General Meeting. The Economic year report is confirmed by General Meeting.
6.9. Board may hire managing director.
6.9.1.    rights and obligations of managing director are determined by Board;
6.9.2.    managing director represents Association only upon mandate;
6.9.3.    managing director participates in Board and general Meetings.

7.    Merger, division and termination of Association
7.1. Merger and division of Association is carried out on basis and order determined by law. Association can merge only with another nonprofitable Association and be divided only to non-profit societies.
7.2. Association is terminated:
7.2.1.    by decision of General Meeting;
7.2.2.    If less than two members are left in Association;
7.2.3.    by commencing of bankruptcy procedure;
7.2.4.    on other reasons determined by law.
7.3. For entering the termination of Association decision into records of register Board presents application, to which minutes of General Meeting is added.
7.4. In termination of Association the Board is liquidator, if not decided otherwise by General Meeting.
7.5. Upon termination of Association liquidation commission passes property and the rest of money recources that was left from satisfying the claims, considering decision of General Meeting, to some nonprofitable Association, target association or other legal person, which fulfills the Association Statute goals or goals close to the Statute.

8.    Final provisions
8.1. Estonian Neighbourhood Watch is to be entered into register of Nonprofitable Associations and Target Associations.
8.2. Questions not regulated in present Statute are resolved according to law.