• Development plan until 2015
Development Plan of NGO Estonian Neighbourhood Watch for the Period 2010-2015 

Estonian Neighbourhood Watch is an association founded on 5 May 2000 as a civic initiative, the goal of which is to increase the sense of security residents, at home and in the immediate vicinity of their homes, through the active participation of residents themselves.

In order to fulfil the tasks set in the articles of association, the association assists in the forming of non-profit associations and movements dealing with the security of living environments and supports their activities, introduces the principles of community security, hands out printed matter and organises trainings and develops co-operation with state and local governments, police and other institutions.

I Mission

The defining mission of Estonian Neighbourhood Watch NGO in Estonian society is to assist in ensuring the security of everyone’s home and neighbourhood.

II Vision

The defining vision of the association for the year 2015 is the following:
  • crime level in the areas covered by neighbourhood watch is 50% lower than elsewhere;
  • there are at least 600 neighbourhood watch areas in Estonia;
  • residents feel more secure in neighbourhood watch areas than they did previously.
III Goals

Estonian Neighbourhood Watch NGO will implement its vision for the year 2015 through three major goals. In order to achieve each goal, there are specific activities planned for each year. Those goals and important activities are the following:

1. Extended cooperation networks. The number of neighbourhood watch sectors and people involved in them will grow.

In order to achieve this goal, we are going to:
  • Exchange information among the members of the sectors concerning the best possible neighbourhood watch practices and success stories;
  • Ensure that everyone who is interested has an opportunity to start a neighbourhood watch movement in his/her home area;
  • Conduct notification work and create innovative possibilities for increasing the awareness of residents concerning the possibilities of neighbourhood watch for improving the safety of the community and in the prevention of crime;
  • Organise training courses and seminars on various topics for the development of the association, mainly on issues related to a safer living environment.
2. Closer cooperation with the partners of the neighbourhood watch association. The number of various institutions cooperating with Estonian Neighbourhood Watch NGO will increase.

In order to achieve this goal we are going to:
  • Become involved in mutually beneficial cooperation with various organisations operating in the sphere of safety, both in Estonia and abroad;
  • Develop new products and services, which would help to better complete the mission of the association;
  • Act as mediators for parties which care about a safe living environment, assisting the members of the association in their search for suitable partners and vice versa;
  • Look for partners to provide sustainable financing for the activities of the association.
3. The association is the opinion leader regarding the topic of a safe living environment. The amount of media coverage of the activities of the association will grow.

In order to achieve this goal we are going to:
  • Actively take part in the projects, discussions, and legislative drafting concerning security and the activities of civic initiatives;
  • Personally organise discussions concerning the security of the living environment and to invite our partners to participate;
  • Provide various media sources with information about the activities and success stories of neighbourhood watch, both proactively and reactively.
IV Implementation of the Development Plan

The Development Plan shall be certified by the general meeting of the association.
In order to achieve the goals specified in the Development Plan, the Management Board of the association shall certify an annual plan of activities, taking into consideration the budget for the forthcoming year and the general trends in society.


The Development Plan has been prepared by the workers and the Management Board of the association on 14 March 2009, and approved by the general meeting on 16 May 2009.